Category Archive: Business and Organisations

Logo and Branding ::: Silly Seals

Logo and brand identity design for Silly Seals.

Writing Brighter Futures Appeal ::: Story Factory

Designed the campaign branding for Story Factory’s Writing Brighter Futures Appeal.

Research Report ::: Story Factory

Designed a research report for Story Factory underpinning their work in the community.

Writing Prize Branding ::: Story Factory

Designed a collection of print and digital assets to promote Story Factory’s 10th Anniversary Writing Prize ‘Voices in the Wind’.

Ready to Learn ::: 3C Consultancy

Designed a collection of Ready to Learn illustrations for 3C Consultancy.

Anthology Covers ::: Story Factory

Designed a collection of Anthology Covers for six of Story Factory’s latest school workshops.

First 2000 Days Project ::: Rotary

Created a collection of illustrations and resources for Rotary’s First 2000 Days Project.

Book of Poetry and Art ::: Story Factory

Designed, illustrated and typeset a collection of artworks and writing created by students from Story Factory’s Art and the Institution program.

Presentation Slides ::: Story Factory

LoFi and glitchy presentation slides for Story Factory’s Art Write Light program.

Digital Programs Graphics ::: Story Factory

Designed and illustrated a collection of social media and web graphics for Story Factory’s digital programs.

Storyteller Appeal 2021 ::: Story Factory

Campaign branding for Story Factory’s 2021 Storyteller Appeal.

Program Report ::: Story Factory

Designed and illustrated a simple program report for Story Factory.

Our Strategy 2021-23 ::: Story Factory

Designed and illustrated the Our Strategy 2021-23.

Strategic Overview 2020-24 Report ::: Story Factory

Designed Strategic and Project Overview 2020-24 Report for Story Factory.

MyLearning Logo ::: Rotary

Logo and Moodle branding for Rotary District 9675 MyLearning.

Logo ::: Vehicle Light Restorations

Logo and brand identity design for Vehicle Light Restorations.

Annual Report 2018-19 ::: Story Factory

Designed Annual Report for Story Factory.

Corporate Prospectus 2019 ::: Story Factory

Designed annual Corporate Prospectus for Story Factory.

Performance Report and Year Ahead Document ::: Story Factory

Designed annual Performance Report and Year Ahead documents.

Logo ::: Charli Makes

Logo and brand identity design for Charli Makes.