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2022 Annual Report ::: Story Factory

Designed Story Factory’s 2022 Annual Report.

Research Report ::: Story Factory

Designed a research report for Story Factory underpinning their work in the community.

Program Report ::: Story Factory

Designed and illustrated a simple program report for Story Factory.

Our Strategy 2021-23 ::: Story Factory

Designed and illustrated the Our Strategy 2021-23.

Strategic Overview 2020-24 Report ::: Story Factory

Designed Strategic and Project Overview 2020-24 Report for Story Factory.

Annual Report 2018-19 ::: Story Factory

Designed Annual Report for Story Factory.

Corporate Prospectus 2019 ::: Story Factory

Designed annual Corporate Prospectus for Story Factory.

Performance Report and Year Ahead Document ::: Story Factory

Designed annual Performance Report and Year Ahead documents.

Country Skills Development Plans Report ::: Australia-Pacific Technical College

A collections of six Country Skills Development Plan reports for Australia-Pacific Technical College.