2024 Vision Mural ::: Blairmount Public School

The mural 2024 Vision Mural for Blairmount Public School was designed to visually represent the goals and aspirations of the school community for 2024 including their primary objectives to improve literacy and numeracy across the school.

The other areas covered in the mural include:

  • Technology
  • Attendance
  • Reporting and communication with parents
  • Data based teaching
  • Transitions through school
  • Indigenous education
  • Creating a community hub
  • Cricket and football
  • Bush tucker garden
  • Reinforcing learner dispositions at home

I have used the school colours as well as textures and patterns to create a cohesive illustration that engages and excites students and the school community, with the overall goal of keeping them focused on their 2024 vision.

Installed at the front office