Student Wellbeing Mural ::: Denham Court Public School

It was so much fun illustrating the new Student Wellbeing Mural for Denham Court Public School. The mural is situated at the entrance to the school and serves as a daily visual reminder of the five basic needs for student wellbeing – survival, power, love and belonging, freedom and fun.

The student characters sit within illustrated representations of various spaces around the school including the library, classrooms and outdoor play areas. The flora and fauna represented in the mural are native to the local area and are an important aspect of the schools dedication to the environment.

“The feedback from the team is WOW! This is fantastic and we can’t wait to have it as part of our school environment. We love the way you have tied in the colours to the library mural too. The characters look fabulous in the school environment backgrounds. Thanks Cassandre – this is fabulous.”

Principal ::: Denham Court Public School