Learning Pit ::: Denham Court Public School

Designed and illustrated the new Learning Pit for Denham Court Public School.

Working with the teachers and Student Learner Qualities Ministry team at Denham Court Public School, I designed a custom learning pit using the learner quality characters I had previously created for them. The team wanted a Lego themed pit to reflect the STEM learner quality characters, so I built one using Lego as the base for the illustration. The process was shared with the students who had input and design feedback along the way ensuring their investment in the project and it’s implementation in the school.

The final Learning Pit design is supplied as both a digital and printable file, along with a colouring in activity sheet. I also assisted the school in printing large-scale printed versions on aluminium panels that will be installed around the school to remind the students of the learning process.

The Learning Pit concept is based on James Nottingham’s original Learning Pit