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Digital Brand Guidelines ::: TAFE NSW

Design and development of the TAFE NSW digital guidelines for graphic and digital designers to reference when maintaining and developing TAFE NSW websites, digital and social platforms.

Generation Information Graphic ::: TAFE NSW

TAFE NSW commissioned an online survey of NSW residents, to investigate the different generation group’s ambitions and expectations as it relates to study and their future work aspirations.

Graduate Video and Photo Shoots Project Management ::: TAFE NSW

Co-ordinated the production of the graduate photo and video shoots, produced the video branding for the graduate and ambassador videos and time-coded the raw footage for website shorts.

Learning Management System (LMS) CSS Branding ::: TAFE NSW

Working with Instructure and their Canvas platform I developed a CSS override file to apply the TAFE NSW branding to the new TAFE NSW Online Learning Management System.

Graphic Design Network Project Management ::: TAFE NSW

Project managed and developed a TAFE NSW graphic designers community of practice in Microsoft SharePoint. The platform allows Institute graphic designers to draw on the expertise within the network to improve design practices and create synergies where the benefits are shared across the entire organisation.

Website and Social Media Branding ::: Australia-Pacific Technical College

Conceptual website design for APTC and social media branding.