Graduate Video and Photo Shoots Project Management ::: TAFE NSW

To compliment the roll out of the TAFE NSW brand, a suite of videos need to be developed to reflect the ‘Made by TAFE NSW’ brand strategy.

The ‘Made by TAFE NSW’ brand strategy uses real-life stories of our graduates to showcase our best. It’s inspiring our students and stakeholders alike with the aspirational tales of the products, the people, and the industries we’re immensely proud of. We demonstrate our diversity by recognising the valuable contribution we make to a variety of people’s lives. Their careers, achievements and passions are varied, but in common they share a TAFE NSW education. And, this has helped to set their lives on a trajectory where they can accomplish great things. ‘Made by TAFE NSW’ lifts perceptions of what is possible with a TAFE NSW education.

I co-ordinated the production of the graduate photo and video shoots, produced the video branding for the graduate and ambassador videos and time-coded the raw footage for website shorts. Students were selected using a matrix system, we needed video shorts for the new website that covered all the different student ages, industry areas, locations and styles of learning, so that when potential students were searching for courses online relevant videos would be available to them.

The videos were featured throughout the TAFE NSW website.