Learning Disposition Characters ::: Elderslie Public School

Students at Elderslie Public School worked in teams to identify the dispositions that students need to be successful learners and then began coming up with character design concepts for these dispositions using a space and alien theme. They presented these ideas to me and explained all of the important elements that the characters had. It was my job to then turn those concepts into relatable characters that the students and wider school community could connect with and would make learning fun and engaging.

  • Captain Curious
  • Blazer Brave
  • Pop Pop Problem Solver
  • Go Go Gritty
  • Mare Mindfulness
  • Cosmo Collaborative
  • Retro Reflective

A few years later the school was able to gather feedback on the impact that the characters have had on student learning:

Student surveys indicated the importance of Learning Dispositions, particularly during remote learning. “The learning dispositions helped me with online learning. I couldn’t go straight to my teacher or a classmate, so I needed to be brave, gritty and a problem solver when it got hard”.

Students have become assessment capable learners and consistently engage with learning dispositions to be expert learners.

All members of the school community engage with the schools Learning Dispositions with a strong focus on wellbeing and learning together. As a result, students can articulate their learning and teachers can see learning through the eyes of their students.


Illustrated the seven learning disposition characters for Elderslie Public School based on student artwork below.


Vinyl banners for school hall external wall.

Vinyl banners