2020 Vision Mural ::: Elderslie Public School

Illustrated 2020 Vision mural for Elderslie Public School based on school plan.


Illustrated information graphic depicting all the elements of the school vision for 2020 including goals for students, teachers and the community. Design also includes the seven Disposition Characters located in relevant areas of the illustration.

School description of the mural:

“The EPS vision board captures the schools 2020 vision with the inclusion of the actual rocket ship launched by our students in to space in 2018. Making our student part of the first group of Primary students to ever put a coded experiment on space. The students at Elderslie Public school will be empowered and valued in an inclusive, fun and challenging environment. Aboriginal education and Multicultural education will be a focus area across the next 3 years. Students will be leading their own learning with the school leading the way with technology and current pedagogies. This can be seen with the inclusion of the schools yarning circle and students experimenting with innovative technology. The schools learning dispositions are scattered throughout the mural with the community striving to develop expert learners. Our playground will be a place of exploration and fun!

The staff at Elderslie PS will be using data driven practice with the support of personalised professional learning. As a community we are committed to lifelong learning and seeking improvement through collaboration and innovative, research based pedagogies. As a group we are inspired to make a difference in the lives of not only our students but the Elderslie families. Our school layout is included in the mural with the schools data walls displayed on the outside of the building.

The community at Elderslie will continue to grow from strength to strength with the movement from partnership to empowered partners in their child’s learning and decision making processes. The path leading into the school and the path leading out of the school is to demonstrate our strong collaboration between stakeholders and the importance of support at all transition points.

Best of luck finding our learning dispositions – Retro Reflective, Pop Pop Problem solver, Cosmo Collaborative, Captain Curious, Mare Mindfulness, Blazer Brave and Go Go Gritty

Elderslie Public School is no standard school. We strive to be inclusive, inspiring and innovative!

The vision board is on display in our school entry and is something all stakeholders originally aimed to achieve by the end of 2020.”