2024 Vision Mural ::: Elderslie Public School

Following the success of the 2020 Vision Mural at Elderslie Public School, I was commissioned to design their new 2024 mural.

The new mural is designed to illustrate the hopes and aspirations of the staff, students and school community for 2024. Positioned at the front office, the mural serves as a daily visual reminder of the school’s collective goals.

The mural is full of visual cues and representations beginning with the schools’ desire to have more balance in the use of technology and traditional teaching methods, as well as balance in the form of mental health for the students. The school is focused on improving transitions from Kindergarten to Year Six and celebrating all areas of school life, they aim to continue developing communication with parents, real time reporting, data driven practice and inclusive education. Being a Visible Learning school, the seven learning disposition characters have been hidden within the artwork for students to find.

I have used the school brand colours, textures and patterns to create a cohesive illustration that engages and excites students and the school community, with the overall goal of keeping them focused on their 2024 vision.

Installed outside the front office for the whole school community to see.