Learning Power Characters ::: Berala Public School

Students and staff at Berala Public School spent time determining what dispositions the students need to be successful learners. It was my job to come in and turn those dispositions into relatable characters that the students could connect with to make learning fun and engaging.

I came into the school and met with a group of students and teachers. Together we brainstormed what each disposition meant to them; role played what body positions and facial expressions conveyed those dispositions; and discussed what was special about Berala Public School. By the end of the session we settled on a concept to create multicultural student characters with animal features that represent the disposition characteristics.

We worked through a number of versions for the characters, giving the students opportunities to provide valuable feedback and fully participate in the design process.

The end result was a collection of characters that the students, teachers and hopefully the wider school community will connect with and use successfully to make the process of learning an exciting and rewarding experience.

Designed and illustrated seven Learning Power Characters for Berala Public School:

  1. Brave – Lion
  2. Collaborative – Bees
  3. Creative – Octopus
  4. Inquisitive – Monkey
  5. Optimistic – Dog
  6. Persistent – Turtle
  7. Reflective – Owl