Year of Novella and Year of Poetry Covers ::: Story Factory

Illustrated the series of 32 covers for Story Factory’s Year of Novella and Year of Poetry programs run in 2022.

Over the course of 2022, two select groups of young writers were invited to take part in year-long writing programs at Story Factory. Their goals were to produce a fully realised novella or a collection of poetry. Copies of these publications can be purchased from the Story Factory online bookshop. Here are just some of the covers.

It was such an honour working with the students to turn their briefs into illustrations.

Cassie, you created such a perfect cover art for this collection, I literally cried the first time I saw it! Thank you for the glorious lavender shade, the scribbly ghost eyes and the dandelion details. I love it so, so much, thank you!


I would also like to acknowledge the artist who worked on my cover. Cassie, thank you truly for creating such a nice cover. It gave me motivation to finish this story. I couldn’t let the cover go to waste on a horrible piece, so thank you. 

– Hayden