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StoryMetro ::: Story Factory

Illustrated, designed and typeset Story Factory’s StoryMetro book, map and trifold brochure.

Semper ::: Future You

Illustrated a poster for Semper, one of Future You’s five interlinked stories, imagining life in the future and a future in space.

Imagining The Future ::: Future You

Illustrated a poster and designed a range of resources for Future You’s Imagining The Future strand.

Far Out! ::: Future You

Illustrated a poster and designed a range of resources for Future You’s Far Out! story and program.

Imagining the Future Poster ::: Future You

Illustrated and designed author and actor posters for Far Out!

Research Report ::: Story Factory

Designed a research report for Story Factory underpinning their work in the community.

Writing Prize Branding ::: Story Factory

Designed a collection of print and digital assets to promote Story Factory’s 10th Anniversary Writing Prize ‘Voices in the Wind’.

First 2000 Days Project ::: Rotary

Created a collection of illustrations and resources for Rotary’s First 2000 Days Project.

Learner Quality Certificates ::: Blairmount Public School

Designed the seven Learner Quality certificates for Blairmount Public School.

Program Report ::: Story Factory

Designed and illustrated a simple program report for Story Factory.

Our Strategy 2021-23 ::: Story Factory

Designed and illustrated the Our Strategy 2021-23.

Sports Mascots ::: Blairmount Public School

Illustrated the new sports house mascots for Blairmount Public School.

Fridge Magnets ::: Blairmount Public School

Designed a set of fridge magnets for Blairmount Public School using their Disposition Characters.

Letterhead ::: Elderslie Public School

Designed letterhead for Elderslie Public School for digital applications.

Letterhead ::: Blairmount Public School

Designed letterhead for Blairmount Public School for print and digital applications.

Strategic Overview 2020-24 Report ::: Story Factory

Designed Strategic and Project Overview 2020-24 Report for Story Factory.

Annual Report 2018-19 ::: Story Factory

Designed Annual Report for Story Factory.

Corporate Prospectus 2019 ::: Story Factory

Designed annual Corporate Prospectus for Story Factory.

Kiss and Drop Signage ::: Blairmount Public School

Designed Kiss and Drop signage for Blairmount Public School.

Kindness on Purpose Posters ::: Blairmount Public School

Designed Kindness on Purpose emoticons poster for Blairmount Public School.