Far Out! ::: Future You

Illustrated a poster and designed a range of resources for Future You’s Far Out! story and program.

Far Out! written by Lili Wilkinson, is the first story of the five-story series The Callistan Cycle, as part of Imagining The Future, the new fiction strand of the Future You project.

The aim of this strand is to take children into the future to explore the future of STEM careers through the medium of short stories.

‘Far Out! is a story set in the future, about a girl called Stella, who is leaving Earth on a spaceship, with her mums and her little brother, Cosmo. They’re headed to Callisto, one of Jupiter’s moons, to help set up a base for humans to live. Stella is pretty excited, but her little brother Cosmo is scared. Luckily, Stella is a robotics whiz and has made Cosmo a special toy frog that sings his favourite song and does all the dance moves. But space travel can be dangerous…’


There is a range of visual, text, audio, video and career resources available on the Far Out! website and YouTube.

Listen to Far Out! – story

Listen to Far Out! (Galaxy Vibes) – song